After you stop the Stopwatch, the app automatically records the run. You can consult the run in Data/My Runs which provides various information such as: 

  • Run details (date, start time, stop time, sport, activity mode, total distance, total time, average speed, maximum speed, average pace, maximum pace, positive slope, burn calories, average heart rate…)
  • Statistics (graphics) including location information (place, address, city, country…)
  • Weather report (weather icon, temperature, humidity, rain,wind…)
  • Comments (you can write your own comments) - Playlists (all songs played during the run). 

Be aware that the app won’t record anything if you didn’t move between a starting and stopping point. SmartPulse free version only records the last run. If you want to record all your runs, upgrade to the premium version. Then you can select any run from the list in Data/My runs.