- First, make sure that you are using a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device. Our product isn’t compatible with iPhone 3S and iPhone 4

- Enable the Bluetooth function in your device settings
- Install the smartMate app
- Close the smartMate app and restart your device
- Launch the app. 
- Put the Pocket Mate in pairing mode (Press and hold the tag button for 6 sec. After 1 beep followed by 2 beeps, the tag enters pairing mode. The red light flashes every 1 sec.) 

The Bluetooth icon on the top right corner is flashing to indicate that it is connecting.The app now detects and connects automatically and a Pairing request pop-up window appears. Please allow up to a minute for the connection to be made.

- Accept Bluetooth Pairing Request by tapping “Pair” button
- Once paired, the status updates as “In Range”.  The Pocket Mate is now connected and its red light flashes every 5 sec.
- If the Pocket mate doesn’t connect, quit the app, close all apps in the background then launch the app again. Make sure that the Bluetooth icon (top right corner) is on and is flashing (Bluetooth connecting)
- If the Bluetooth icon is not flashing, quit the app then switch off/on Bluetooth in your device settings. Launch the app again. 

You must pair the Pocket mate only one time when you use it for the first time. While the Pocket mate is connected to the app, do NOT put the tag back into pairing mode (pressing and holding the button for 6 sec). Otherwise, function will cease and you will have to reinitiate the pairing procedure.